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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Links for 12/12/07

Here are a couple of links I found interesting

Oracle acquires Moniforce
  • Moniforce's software monitors network traffic to measure the performance and availability of Web applications from the perspective of the end user. Oracle said Moniforce's technology would be a valuable addition to the business software maker's Enterprise Manager software, which provides a more extensive view of application performance throughout the enterprise.
  • I'm guessing this gets branded as part of Fusion Middleware. Which according to the ad on the back of my newest Economist is the "Leader in Middleware." hmm, who knew?
  • Another in a long line of Oracle acquisitions
Larry Ellison Controls NetSuite's Destiny Despite IPO
  • Ellison remains the majority shareholder of NetSuite, with his share of the company expected to drop from 61% to about 55% following the IPO. A few of his family members will keep control of another 11% of the company after its IPO. Ellison, however, plans to transfer his shares to a "lockbox" limited liability company to eliminate his voting control over NetSuite directors, and also to "avoid potential future conflicts of interest that might otherwise arise," according to NetSuite's prospectus.....Still, Ellison controls NetSuite's destiny. According to the prospectus, he has control over "significant corporate transactions," including a sale or even liquidation of the company.

SAP, VMWare ink support pact
  • VMWare said Tuesday that SAP will support its software running on VMWare's ESX erver, in 64-bit Windows and Linux environments.
  • Vinnie has his take here. Surprisingly, he expresses some scepticism
  • Larry at ZDnet also weighs in


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