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Thursday, November 15, 2007

OpenWorld Fusion Apps update by someone who wasn't there

Ok, so I wasn't actually at OpenWorld, but I've talked to some folks who were and I've done some (very little actually) reading about what happened/didn't happen there. What's easy about providing this "update" on Fusion Apps is that nothing is really changing, so it's kinda easy. (yes, I know that there were 3 Fusion Apps released. What about a comprehensive Fusion Apps suite as previously promised?) So, here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Fusion Apps has never been much more than a concept
    • I've never seen a clear product roadmap
    • Exists only in the marketing realm. Anybody else at the “Halfway to Fusion” event in San Fran City Hall in Jan 2006?
  • Fusion is looking to be more of a technology, than applications play. Less value for the line of business users than for IT.
    • Challenges involved in a completely rewritten, unified application seem to have been too much
    • The 08 version of Fusion App suite (if one is even released) will likely be separate applications forced glued together with Fusion Middleware
  • The departure of John Wookey and the ensuing reorg will have substantial negative impact for Oracle customers
    • Oracle will likely see organizational upheaval and may lose focus on applications for several months as things sort themselves out
    • New org structure emphasizes technology focus of Fusion. Applications now under leadership of Rozwat (server focus) and Kurian (middleware focus)


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