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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cloture this!

Ok, so some may think that we Americans had a spirited debate about free trade during our recent election, but we ain't got nuthin' on the S. Koreans. Holy Cow, look at these pics (from the New York Times) of the opposition party guys crawling up the wall, literally.  And I thought the House of Commons backbenchers on CSPAN were roudy. 

 The parliamentary battle over a contentious free trade deal in South Korea led to a confrontation on Thursday in which opposition lawmakers used a sledgehammer to knock down the doors of a blockaded room in which a committee was discussing the agreement.

Kim Ju-seong/Yonhap, via Reuters

Members of the opposition party were sprayed with fire extinguishers from inside as they tried to enter a parliamentary committee room.

Television footage showed fire extinguishers being sprayed at the opposition lawmakers trying to get into the room . At least one person was shown bleeding from the face


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