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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Just heard about this company today. Must admit it's not a space I know well, but it does seem interesting.  Here's how it gets described:

BaseShield, takes a new look at how to run applications on Windows by running them securely within a virtualization "sandbox". This "sandbox" means that BaseShield gives applications access to only the parts of the computer they need to operate. Text editors can only access text files. Image editors can only access images.

Again, not an area I know well, but it sounds a bit like what I do when I open a virtual machine with Citrix.  Another analogy that comes to mind would be what Chrome does with a browser tab in that if one tab crashes the others don't. I may be way off. 

Today Baseshield announced an app store of sorts (this was why I got the heads-up):

BaseShield's other main innovation is the creation of a true application marketplace that gives users one-stop access to all kinds of software, from word processors to games. Each app can be run with one click. While all of their apps are currently free, BaseShield will be releasing a payment system that will enable developers to charge for using their apps in exchange for a share of the revenue.

Seems similar to AppExchange in that 3rd parties can list their apps and folks can download (and hopefully buy) them. Some of the currently available apps are: Inkscape (open-source version of Adobe Illustrator),
AbiWord (word processor), Celestia ("like Google Earth for the universe"),
Frets On Fire (Guitar Hero clone), Mozilla Sunbird (calendar application), Audacity (audio editing software), PokerTH (poker game)

I wish Baseshield well with the app store; from the limited stories I've heard from those developing for AppExchange, the major benefit has been a marketing effect, not a ton of revenue. 


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