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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Consolidation in on demand CRM

...RightNow, which is known more for its call center solution than its sales force automation offering, acquired Salesnet to better position itself against the market leader and NetSuite. The price was reportedly $9 million in cash.

With all the noise coming out of these days (I've got some SFdC posts perculating), I almost missed this. I played around with Salesnet a few months ago; and even blogged about getting called by a Salesnet sales rep who was interested in learning how their product could help my organization. They seem to have decent traction (40k subscribers) but aren't on the radar screen much. It will be interesting to see what marketing/messaging will come out of RightNow as a result of this acquisition. Salesnet used to have a "No bull" motiff all over their website (red circle with slash and all) seems sent their lawyers after them to make them stop. Maybe now with a deeper solution, RightNow will crank up the marketing machine again.

(Would be negligent if I didn't mention that Salesnet CEO Jonathan Tang graduated from my alma mater, Tufts. Nice to see as high tech senior management is not flooded with Tufts alumni. Go Jumbos!)


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