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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why you picking on us Woody?

I listened to a Webcast entitled, "What If On-Demand CRM
Integration Was Easy?" put on by Line56. It was sponsored by Above All Software and was focused on

Liz Herbert of Forrester also made some general comments. I always find her perspectives insightful. (Which is one reason why I was in favor of my team's one analyst firm being Forrester. I'm looking forward to speaking with her today about open source CRM, particularly SugarCRM). A couple of interesting points from Liz:
- Reducing total cost of software still front-and-center for IT execs
- Usability matters: a bad UI can cost your company money (This one hits close to home for us, IMHO. Advantage:, for CRM in the call center, cutting two to three seconds per call could save well over a $1M per year.

Deborah Scharfetter of AboveAll Software spoke. I hadn't heard of her firm before and was surprised to learn that it was founded by Roger Sippl. Since I just finished the history of Informix book, I immeditately recognized the name. AboveAll is creating composite apps for customers (they are also and Oracle and SAP partner). She gave examples of how they had created composite apps that combined SFdC functionality with SAP, Oracle etc while keeping the user in the environment they are familiar with (SFdC in this case).

Also speaking, and the genesis of the title of this postings title was, Woodson Martin, VP of Product Mgt at Now he gave a nice little talk on the "Business Web," but what really impressed me is that in his 5-6 minute chat he took 2 digs at SAP (and none at Oracle). He mentioned twice that other vendors (SAP and Microsoft) are "closed" and "monolithic" and want you to get all your apps from a single source. C'mon Woody, have you loooked at SAP's partner list? Did you see the number of complementary products they are offering? Did you notice that we have more than just a couple of 3rd parties developing on our platform? (Don't get me wrong, I love AppExchange, but you guys are still developing the vast majority of solutions being offered there).
Must say I was bit confused that Woody went after just SAP & Microsoft and left Oracle in peace. Maybe it's because Larry is still a SFdC shareholder(just under 4% of the company).


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