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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Things getting nasty in O-town

I'm feeling lazy this week and not very quick on the draw, so i'll reference another posting from Jeff that I wish I would have posted about first.
Also, since Orlando is my hometown and I'm back here now, I couldn't resist not sharing. Interesting, I didn't see any of Oracle or our ads when I arrived at MCO last night.

As many of you know, our big SAPPHIRE event is next week in Orlando. It’s a big deal for us as it is the single largest event we host each year. Needless to say, Oracle will no doubt make an attempt at some competitive advertising at the event in an attempt to steal some of our thunder.Here’s what I know as of today, and I’m posting it because I continue to be fascinated by the things that advertising people think of (e.g. branded taxi receipts):

- 6 boards at the Orlando airport (we have 52)
- 60 taxi “tops”, and in addition to just having the taxi advertising they plan on parking 5-6 taxis in front of the convention center, at the hotels, and around the airport.
- They also have branded taxi receipts but only in the Oracle taxis, not in the SAP branded taxis (yeah, we have ‘em too).


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