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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ants wins Navy bid over Oracle

In general, I'm pretty happy when I hear about things that take away database revenue from Oracle. Afterall, Oracle takes their high margin, high renewal rate revenue in the database market and uses it it to attack SAP in the apps market. (Ironically, Oracle also generates a significant amount of database revenue from SAP customers).

The U.S. Navy has chosen an in-memory database from Ants Software Inc. to help run the back-end technology for its next-generation of stealth destroyers.

Ants won the bid over Oracle's recently acquired TimesTen in-memory database. Oracle is, of course, protesting the deal.

What I really think interesting is that I understand that it is fairly painless to migrate from an Oracle db to an ANTs db without disrupting operations. If that's true, then it's an even bigger threat to Oracle as replacing an existing db installation is much harder than changing the initial buying decision.

ANTs Data Server... support for Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server/Sybase T-SQL, becoming the only RDBMS providing pain-free migration from existing databases... -Infoworld article

I'm sure there are all sorts of caveats, but if it opens up the opportunity to attack Oracle's installed client base or at least reduces Oracle's pricing control, then it's interesting. The salient question would be how much of Oracle's installed base would be replaceable by ANTs.


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