The Village View

Monday, February 26, 2007

My New Job

Over the next month I'll be transitioning from my current strategy role to a business development role in our Governance, Risk and Compliance group. For those of you with some understanding of SAP's structure, I'll be in the SAP Americas unit. The GRC group was formed after the acquisition last year of Virsa. Since then additional product areas have come under the GRC umbrella, including global trades services, environment, health & safety and emissions management. I'll have responsibility initially for two product areas: SAP GRC Access Control and SAP GRC Process Control.

Business development can mean many things. In this case, it means I'll work to maximize revenue for my product line by providing the sales force, marketing, partners et al with product and domain expertise, strategies and best practices. On a more day-to day-level that means things like: deal support, go-to-market strategy, field enablement (education of sales and pre-sales) and interfacing with the development organization. It will also mean a high level of contact with the sales organization and, something I'm really looking forward to, getting in front of customers. In fact, I had my first customer visit today.

What does this mean for my blog? Well hopefully nothing drastic. I would imagine that over the next month or so I'll be posting a bit less, as I will be doing two jobs simultaneously. Ongoing I would imagine that my blog will delve into the areas of Sarbanes-Oxley, compliance, and risk management more. In addition, I hope to have more insights into the sales process of a large enterprise software organizations and a better feel for how customers use SAP products. I hope that this will be of interest to you.